Tooth Aches and Pains

The term root canal makes a majority of people shudder. In fact, many people continue to put up with the pain rather undergoing a root canal to help eliminate it, which leads to the pain getting worse. Many people are under the impression that root canals cause pain and discomfort.

However, this stigma that is associated with root canals is no more than an old myth. Patients who opt to avoid a root canal experience pain needlessly because the treatment actually eliminates the pain rather than causing it.

Advances in dental procedures and technology have led to almost pain-free treatment and, in certain cases, can be completed in just one visit to the dentist. Many patients who underwent a root canal compare it to getting a filling, and call the process boring. A root canal is comparatively fast, effective, and straightforward for eliminating the pain of a tooth that is infected. The signs that a tooth has been infected include a dull ache and pressure in the tooth; intense and sharp pain that is hard to pinpoint; acute pain when biting; and continuing pain after eating food that is hot or cold.

When it comes to stopping the pain, patients can opt for a root canal or a tooth extraction. Since it is best to save the natural tooth when possible, it is highly recommended that a root canal be chosen.