Benefits of Root Canals

While many people recoil at the thought of undergoing a Root Canal, it can benefit their oral health in many ways. One of main benefits that a root canal treatment offers is relieving pain and discomfort. Serious dental caries result in pain that is rather excruciating. A person might not be able to go about their daily activities normally with a toothache and may have sleepless nights as well.

Another benefit of undergoing a root canal is that it can save a tooth from being extracted. In fact, a root canal is suggested instead of a tooth extraction. Therefore, rather than having the tooth removed, the patient is able to save it, treat it and keep it in their mouth.

In addition to this, since undergoing a root canal treatment can save a tooth from being extracted, it lets the patient avoid having to go for other restorations to replace the missing tooth. These restorations normally cost a lot of money and are usually more expensive compared to root canal. Therefore, a root canal can save people from extra spending.

Undergoing a root canal rather than opting to have the tooth extracted helps in maintaining good oral health. After a tooth has been extracted and it is not replaced with a dental restoration, the remaining teeth tend to shift leading to many issues such as bite problems and gaps between teeth. By choosing a root canal, however, these problems can be avoided.