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Restorative Tooth Extractions in Phoenix, AZ

With Biltmore Dental Center, fulfilling your tooth extractions in Phoenix, AZ is exceptionally easy and comfortable. Our seasoned, compassionate team performs tooth removal daily, relieving our patients' pain and suffering and restoring their oral health and function. Regardless of why you need your tooth removed, our team will do it successfully with modern, cutting-edge dental technology and trained professionals. We welcome our patients with friendliness and an accommodating office to put their minds at ease. Many patients walk into our office feeling hesitant and walk out with a confident new smile.
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Common Reasons Why Patients Get Teeth Removed

Tooth removal is never ideal, but sometimes it's necessary, and patients who need it feel near-instant relief after the procedure. We usually treat tooth removal as a last resort and carefully evaluate our patients' teeth before deciding it's the right course of action. Here are a few of the reasons why patients need one or more teeth removed:

  • Overcrowding – Teeth overcrowding is often caused by wisdom teeth, which usually erupt between late teens and early adulthood. As the erupted tooth fights for space, severe pain and discomfort can occur.
  • Decay – Hopefully, your tooth decay is in its early stages and easily reversible. However, if decay is allowed to linger for too long, it could become permanent and unremovable. In these cases, we may recommend removing the affected teeth.
  • Damage – If a tooth cracks or breaks below the gum line, then chances are it cannot be saved. An untreated injury like this makes your teeth vulnerable to infection and further harm. Therefore, removing the tooth may be the best choice.
  • Periodontal DiseaseGum disease breaks down bone and tissue vital to tooth strength and support. If the tooth is permanently affected by gum disease and causing immense pain, it's probably best to have it removed now before it falls out later.
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Devoted to You and Your Family's Care

Biltmore Dental Center is a family-focused dental practice. Our team in Phoenix treats patients of all ages, histories, and conditions with exceptional care. Patients are greeted with friendliness and compassion, and our office is outfitted with accommodations to make them feel at home and comfortable. If you or a loved one needs a tooth extraction, our team will provide it with cutting-edge tools, comprehensive treatments, and safety. We're here for your peace of mind.
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