Methods of Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening treatments are normally of two types; the in-office whitening and the at-home whitening, both of which give virtually the same results but at different treatment times. With In-Office Whitening, teeth can be whitened in around one hour. When starting the treatment, the dentist will first apply the whitening gel on the patient’s teeth. This whitening gel is chemically activated, and does not require a special light to activate, thus reducing the possibility of teeth sensitivity after the treatment. While the whitening gel breaks up the stains and eliminates the discoloration on the teeth, the patient can relax in the chair while watching the TV or listening to music.

The At-Home whitening treatment, whitening trays are created for the patient to take home. The whitening gel is given which needs to be applied to these trays. This gel is the same in-office whitening gel, but in a less-concentrated form. The patient has to apply the gel on the trays, and then place the whitening trays on their teeth before going to sleep. Normally, it takes just three or four nights of wearing these trays to improve the appearance of the teeth by around four to six shades. This system may lead to slight teeth sensitivity; however it can be eliminated with some over-the-counter pain medication.