Invisalign System for Healthy Teeth by Biltmore Dental Center

Straight, evenly-spaced teeth compliment attractive adult smiles. Their symmetry flatters every other facial feature. Straight teeth have another benefit you may not have considered – they are healthier! Dr. Frost and his team at Biltmore Dental Center help patients throughout the Phoenix area enjoy the confidence and wellness advantages of straight teeth with the Invisalign system.

Why Straight Teeth Are Healthier

Crooked teeth create plenty of nooks and crannies that trap food particles. Bacteria that naturally populate the mouth feast on food debris, contributing to tooth decay and gum disease. Overlaps, gaps, and twisted teeth are more challenging to keep clean, even with conscientious brushing and flossing.

Misalignment may impact the kind of foods you can comfortably eat, and the efficiency with which you chew. That could lead to poor nutrition or digestive problems.

Crooked teeth may also impact bite alignment, placing excessive stress on jaw joints. That results in TMJ disorders, unusual wear on teeth, and headaches.

With normal home care, a smile straightened by the Invisalign system stays clean and healthy throughout treatment. The outcome is an attractive, vigorous mouth that adds to overall body wellness.

Caring for Teeth While Under Invisalign Treatment

Dr. Frost shares these tips to ensure a healthy mouth while the Invisalign system is gently and unobtrusively moving teeth into proper alignment:

  • Remove your aligners to eat. If possible, rinse the aligners in cool water, pat dry, and place them in their storage case before sit down to a meal. (If you wrap them in a tissue or napkin, you are more likely to accidentally throw the aligners away.) Some patients find that, as an added benefit, they tend to snack less between meals with this routine.
  • Limit high sugar and starchy foods. They contribute to decay-causing plaque.
  • Brush after eating. Because the aligners are removable, you are able to keep your mouth sparkling clean using a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste. Be sure to rinse well, and immediately replace aligners.
  • Floss at least once a day (before bedtime brushing is best).
  • Use a fluoride mouth rinse if Dr. Frost recommends it.
  • Do not chew gum while using the Invisalign system.
  • Wear aligners at least 22 hours a day, and be sure to keep your check-up appointments withDr. Frost.

Are you ready to start flashing a smile that’s naturally stunning and vibrantly healthy? Call Biltmore Dental Center in Phoenix today at 602-704-0659 for an Invisalign system consultation with Dr. Frost.