Your Orthodontist in Phoenix, AZ Has Options That Work for Various Dental Situations

Straight teeth are more than the basis of a gorgeous smile. The positioning of our teeth also plays a role in the clarity and comfort of our speech, our chewing functionality, and our propensity towards the development of cavities. Depending on the severity of misalignment, the jaw may become impacted, leading to a number of uncomfortable symptoms. The impact of misalignment can take a toll, not only on the mouth but on the entire body.

Your orthodontist in Phoenix, AZ has undergone advanced training in order to help you discover your best smile through the most appropriate orthodontic treatment. Conventional braces have been around for many decades, undergoing improvements both minor and major throughout the years. Though aligner methods have become intensely popular in recent years, there are movements that can be better accomplished with the standard bracket-and-wire method of correcting misalignment.

Today, orthodontic patients have more choices than ever before. No longer do brackets stretch all the way around individual teeth. The brackets used today are smaller, more streamlined, and more comfortable. Innovative materials have made it possible to attach clear braces to teeth. Some patients are even able to choose braces that are attached to the backs of teeth, rather than the front. Still, the pressure exerted via the arch wire gently urges as few as a single tooth and as many as several teeth into their proper position.

The beauty of conventional orthodontics is that each bracket is designed to function individually, operated by the dynamic force placed upon it by the orthodontic wire. Each bracket is essentially a point of connection wherein the wire can accomplish its task of tooth movement. It is perhaps for this reason that there can be so many variations within the design of the brackets themselves, allowing people more choice for customized treatment.

Orthodontic treatment may seem straightforward due to the standard appearance of braces. This meticulous dental treatment is, however, completely tailored to your specific needs. Rather than jumping straight into clear aligner orthodontic treatment, consider the benefits of conventional braces. Your experienced dentist can help you discover your best smile through customized orthodontic treatment.

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