What Dental Problems Can Veneers Correct?

Some individuals find that they are truly unhappy with their smiles. Sometimes there has been damage to their teeth that cannot be fixed with teeth bonding or fillings. This is when individuals may start considering the benefits of having dental veneers placed on their teeth.

There are many instances where an individual may consider having cosmetic dentistry such as dental veneers to enhance their teeth. One way dental veneers can help is straightening crooked or misaligned teeth. Braces and dental retainers are typically used to straighten teeth – but they cannot change the shade or shape of the teeth. If someone has crooked teeth that are chipped and stained – after braces they will have straight teeth that are still chipped and stained. Dental veneers are amazing because in just two visits a dentist can give you a brand new smile that fixes the crooked, stained and chipped teeth all at once. In extreme cases of misaligned teeth an individual may need braces and veneers to create a beautiful smile.

Another reason an individual may consider dental veneers is because of weakened enamel or permanently discolored teeth that are usually the side effect of prolonged antibiotics or other medications during the growing years. These teeth cannot be treated with teeth whitening methods. Teeth whitening works on superficial teeth stains – but cannot remove stains that are deep within the teeth. If a dentist has tried a number of times to whiten a tooth, and has been unable to create a pleasing shade for the patient, they may turn to the option of placing dental veneers.

If individuals have multiple cracked or chipped teeth – usually after an accident or a sports injury – they may consider dental veneers. The best way to restore cracked teeth is with dental veneers – especially if the inner-portion of the tooth is visible (this will expose the nerve which can cause pain and sensitivity). Dental veneers can seal up all the exposed areas and dramatically reduce sensitivity and protect the tooth from further damage.

There are a variety of reasons for an individual to consider dental veneers for their teeth. While it is typically considered more of a cosmetic procedure, it can be used to help damaged, cracked, or chipped teeth that are not only unsightly but may be painful or sensitive. If you are considering dental veneers, it is essential that you consult with a dentist that you know and trust to assist you in your chosen procedure.