Patients in Phoenix Get “Straight” Smiles in Two Visits With Tooth Veneers

Most people agree that straight, white, evenly spaced teeth look attractive. Hundreds of adults in the Phoenix area would like to have the social and business benefits of that smile boost, but they don’t want braces. They simply can’t fit several years of noticeable brackets and wires, discomfort and mouth sores, awkward hygiene, and many return visits for wire tightening into their busy lives. Dr. Sameet Koppikar has a beautiful solution for a straighter looking smile in just two visits – tooth veneers.

Tooth Veneer Basics

A tooth veneers is a covering made of strong, lustrous porcelain that is adhered to the front surface of an anterior tooth. Dr. Koppikar preps each tooth that is to be veneered by removing a very thin layer of enamel. Then he uses a detailed impression of your mouth to design the veneers. This mold also allows a trained ceramist in a professional dental lab to create veneers with an impeccable fit that looks natural at the gum line and accomplish your esthetic goals.

How Veneers “Straighten” Teeth in Two Visits

Dental veneers do not actually straighten teeth and they are not appropriate for significant bite problems. However, they are often referred to as “instant orthodontics” because they artistically correct the cosmetic appearance of teeth that are not attractively positioned. Veneers disguise overlaps, close gaps between teeth, and hide crooked alignment. In Dr. Koppikar’s experienced hands, teeth look straight, evenly spaced, and uniform.

Following an initial complimentary consultation to determine if veneers are the best choice for your smile, your prepping appointment is scheduled. Usually anesthetic is not needed unless your teeth are very sensitive. Impressions and digital photos are taken, and together you and Dr. Koppikar design your new smile.

He sends that information to the dental lab, where each veneers is precisely crafted. You return in a few weeks. Dr. Koppikar applies an etching solution that allows the veneers to adhere properly to your teeth, and cements them in place. Minor adjustments are made, if needed, and your veneers are polished to gleaming perfection. You leave with home care instructions to help ensure that your straight new smile lasts a very long time.

Other Applications for Veneers

In addition to “straightening” teeth, veneers are ideal for hiding stubborn discoloration, old darkened dental work, and chips, cracks, pits, and bumps in tooth enamel.

Have you heard the old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?” A straighter smile in two visits may sound too good to be true, but fortunately tooth veneers make it possible. Call Biltmore Dental Center to schedule your consultation with Dr. Koppikar. The number is (602) 704-0659.