The Most Popular Option for Tooth Replacement in Phoenix

Although our teeth were meant to last a lifetime, issues such as trauma, decay, gum disease, or congenital absence, can leave us with gaps in our smiles. A number of factors need to be considered when choosing a replacement for a missing tooth, such as appearance, cost, comfort, convenience, and the effect the restoration will have on the oral structure. Although removable partial dentures and dental bridges are effective options, dental implants are becoming the first choice by many patients and dentists for a number of reasons.

Implants Provide Complete Replacement

A dental implant is the only restoration that replaces the entire tooth structure. Dental bridges and removable partial dentures rest at the gumline and they are supported by the adjacent teeth. A dental implant is a small titanium cylinder that is placed in the jawbone, replacing the root of the missing tooth. Even though a tooth root is hidden below the gumline, it is essential in preserving the oral structure. When the root is not replaced along with the visible part of a tooth, the jawbone will erode, affecting the facial contours over time. The implant stimulates the jawbone, prompting it to continue regenerating itself.

Implants Do Not Affect the Existing Teeth

Dental bridges and partial dentures put extra stress on the teeth that support them. Additionally, bridges require reduction of the teeth adjacent to the gap in preparation for placement. Dental implants are standalone restorations that do not affect other teeth. They blend in seamlessly with the existing teeth and do not require any special care. They require the same oral hygiene practices and regular dental checkups as natural teeth do.

Implants Are Long Lasting Restorations

Dental implant placement has an average success rate of 95 percent. Once the bone has fused with the implant, the restoration can potentially last a lifetime. Many patients who had dental implants placed over 40 years ago are still enjoying the same level of functionality and stability as they originally did.

It is essential to replace missing teeth as soon as possible to avoid bone loss and misalignment of the remaining teeth. It is equally important to choose a skilled and experienced doctor to provide the treatment. Dr. Justin Frost and his highly trained team have restored many Phoenix smiles with tooth replacement options that meet their needs and desires, and fit their lifestyle and budget. Call 602-704-0659 and schedule an appointment today.