Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Braces Are Popular in Phoenix

Dr. Justin Frost and his talented team at Biltmore dental center offer a revolutionary orthodontic solution for adults who want to make esthetic improvements to the alignment of their visible teeth. Six Months smiles treatment is the result of an effective combination of traditional orthodontics and modern technology. Although the traditional metal bracket and wire braces are still the best choice in cases of significant misalignment and for bite correction, Six Month Smiles is a terrific solution for cosmetic concerns, and the treatment has a number of benefits.

  • Fast – Patients can complete the treatment in four to nine months, with most enjoying their results in just six months.
  • Discreet – The tooth-colored, ultra-thin wires and clear brackets are just barely visible.
  • Results – The foundation of traditional orthodontic technology makes this conservative treatment extremely predictable.
  • Timesaving – Dental appointments are comfortable and quick, thanks to the Patient Tray Kits that are part of the Six Months Smiles system.
  • Comfortable – The short treatment time and low force braces ensure safety and comfort.
  • Affordable – Six Months Smiles is generally more affordable than veneers, clear aligner treatment, or traditional braces.

Short-Term Orthodontics Process

The best candidates for Six Months Smiles are people who have a good bite, but want to correct mild misalignment or spacing issues in their visible teeth. Dr. Justin Frost will first conduct a thorough examination to ensure that Six Months Smiles is the best treatment option. Impressions and x-rays are taken and sent to Six Months Smiles. There, a specialist determines the optimal placement of the brackets and creates a customized bonding kit, which is then sent to the doctor. The patient returns to the office for quick, easy, and precise placement of the orthodontics. Simple adjustment visits are only needed every four weeks keep the treatment on schedule.

Other Options

Dr. Justin Frost offers Six Months Smiles cosmetic braces, the Invisalign aligner system, and traditional metal bracket and wire braces to ensure all of his patients in Phoenix and the surrounding areas can enjoy beautifully straight smiles. Call Biltmore Dental Center today at 602-704-0659, to schedule a consultation to discover which orthodontic system can give you the smile of your dreams.