Surprising Benefits of Oral Conscious Sedation for Phoenix Patients

Hundreds of people in the Phoenix area avoid regular preventive visits and necessary treatment for oral problems because of dental anxiety. Dr. Sameet Koppikar offers oral conscious sedation at Biltmore Dental Center to help this individual ease back into a program of good oral health.

You are probably aware that this gentle medication helps nervous patients relax just before, during, and right after an appointment. Oral conscious sedation has some other benefits that might surprise you, though.

Comfort in the Dental Chair

Amenities at our clean, modern facility on 32nd Street in Phoenix include softly cushioned patient chairs for comfort during treatment. However, some people get uncomfortable sitting still for a while, even in a plush chair – especially those who are a bit bigger or smaller than average or have a physical disability. Oral conscious sedation allows full body relaxation for lengthy procedures, without a sore back or muscles afterward.


Maybe you are the patient with no dental anxiety at all – just a very busy schedule. You can’t take time away from the office, shop, or other daily obligations for multiple dental appointments. Oral conscious sedation allows you to rest comfortably while Dr. Koppikar takes care of multiple treatments or completes an extensive one, in a single visit.

Improved Healing

Relaxation during dental treatment reduces trauma to soft tissues and actually lets your mouth heal more quickly following treatment. Think of it like this – have you ever gotten a shot or tried to give blood with your arm tensed up? An injection happens much more easily and leaves little or no residual pain when your arm is relaxed. Oral conscious sedation also reduces the risk of the sore jaw from the mouth being kept open for treatment.

Because You Just Never Know

Whether you have anxiety about visiting the dentist or don’t, isn’t it good to know that your dentist offers the calming, healing option of oral conscious sedation in a safe, controlled environment? No one can predict what might happen in the future. Sedation dentistry lets you get the care you need from the dental team you already know and trust, even in an unexpected emergency.

Dr. Koppikar and his team at Biltmore Dental Center are eager to tell you more about the benefits of caring, gentle family dentistry. Call (602) 704-0659 to become a patient.