Is Sedation Dentistry Used During Oral Surgery by Phoenix Area Dentist?

At Biltmore Dental Center Dr. Sameet Koppikar believes that everyone should have access to quality dental care. However, many patients avoid visiting the dentist regularly due to fears of having dental work done. They are unsure whether they are going to experience pain, or may have memories of past dental work that was not a pleasant experience. Patients often ask, “Is sedation dentistry used during oral surgery?”

Phoenix area dentist Dr. Sameet Koppikar proudly uses sedation dentistry for patients who have dental work done in his practice. He offers oral conscious sedation, a popular choice by many. This particular type of sedation works throughout the appointment. Patients take a prescribed oral medication before their appointment, which may cause them to feel drowsy. They will be awake and coherent during their appointment, able to follow instructions from the dentist. Patients are to arrange transportation to and from the appointment while on this medication, but once they have arrived home to rest, will often wake up with no recollection of the appointment whatsoever.

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