See a Dentist – Not the ER – For the Best, Affordable Emergency Dental Care in Phoenix AZ

For dental emergencies in Phoenix, AZ call a local family dentist. Dr. Frost at Biltmore Dental Center will provide fast, affordable emergency dental care, usually at a much lower cost than a visit to a hospital ER.

A growing, worrisome trend in the United States is people with dental emergencies going to the ER for non-injury related issues such as impacted teeth or advanced gum disease. Typically, a patient will postpone a dental visit until they exceed their pain threshold and believe the only remedy for urgent care is a trip to their local ER. Broken or abscessed impacted teeth and missing crowns are the chief complaints of dental emergencies.

Unfortunately, an ER dental visit can become a financial burden – with up to 10 times the cost of preventive care. Also, the ER physician is unlikely to understand dental issues, compared to a doctor of dentistry. They may ultimately refer the patient to a dentist for follow-up, duplicating patient effort and fees.

Yet many dentists, like Dr. Frost at Biltmore Dental Center, are ready to treat dental emergencies during the day or evenings. Biltmore Dental Center can treat dental emergencies including:

  • Tooth or gum line infection
  • Extracting decayed teeth
  • Replacing missing fillings
  • Correcting a chipped tooth
  • Treating traumatic dental injuries

A second reason for the spike in emergency dental visits is the increasing amount of Americans with no dental insurance or limited coverage. Lack of coverage should not be a deterrent to preventive care. Dentists such as Dr. Frost offer convenient payment options, and discounts to teachers and military personnel who do not have insurance coverage.

Preventive dental care is an investment. A Pew Center report noted that preventable dental problems were the top diagnosis for more than 830,000 ER visits in 2009. That is a jump of 16 percent over 2006. As an example of the personal financial impact of delayed preventive dental care, what would have been a $200 cavity filling at the local dentist could turn into a $1,000 emergency room root canal.

Seeking care from your dentist now can substantially reduce costs later. Don’t let affordability prevent you from seeking emergency dental care at Biltmore Dental Center. Our office offers flexible payment options for those without dental coverage, and we accept most major dental insurances.