Phoenix Dentistry’s Preventive Dental Care Reduces Emergency Calls

Emergency room (ER) doctors call dental patients the bane of their existence. The doctors there lack the training and tools to solve dental problems. Many patients do not get the preventive dental care they need, and it results in emergency visits to a hospital ER for pain relief. Unfortunately, the most that these doctors can do is to prescribe pain medication and possibly antibiotics, then send patients on their way. The source of the distress remains until the individual visits a dentist.

As the economy continues to impact Americans, there has been a sharp rise in people visiting hospital emergency rooms for dental issues. There is a trend of families avoiding dental care in a misguided attempt to save money. However, this behavior can seriously damage oral health, resulting in periodontal disease and other serious dental conditions. Many individuals allow dental issues to worsen until they become so painful that they cannot be ignored. A trip to the hospital ER will only bring temporary relief, a trip to the dentist is the only way to stop the pain.

When dental conditions go untreated so long that they become intolerable and drive a patient to the dentist’s chair, the treatment needed can be extensive and expensive. Every dollar spent on preventive dental care can save many dollars in emergency room visits, emergency dental appointments, and dental treatments and restorations. Patients who become advocates of their own oral health with appropriate oral hygiene practices and visit the dentist for regularly scheduled checkup and professional cleaning visits can save money and avoid misery.

A dentist is the first line of defense in optimal oral health. Dr. Frost and his skilled team at Biltmore Dental Center focus on prevention, early diagnosis, and prompt treatment. Their proactive approach to helping their patients achieve optimal oral health results in better checkups, fewer dental treatments required, less expense, and happy patients.

Not all dental emergencies are preventable; some are the result of trauma. Whether your problem is the result of injury, or lack of dental care, and the doctor and his team do not lecture or judge. They will see you as soon as possible, relieve your pain, and provide conservative treatment.

Prevention is the best and least expensive care, let Dr. Frost and his team help you avoid a dental emergency. Call (602) 704-0659 and schedule an appointment today.