Restoration of the Smile May Include Dental Caps for Phoenix, AZ Patients

Patients in Phoenix, AZ who need restorative services may be told by their dentist that they could benefit from a restoration called a crown or “dental cap.” Dental crowns or “caps” are porcelain restorations offered by dentists to protect natural teeth, cover the structure for protection, or to act as a false tooth in a bridge or over dental implants.

Dental Crowns Explained

Crowns are fabricated from porcelain and are made to bond over the top of a natural tooth. This may be done for several reasons. These restorations may be used to place over an abutment of a dental implant to finish the replacement of a missing tooth. Crowns may be used in conjunction with pontics to create a dental bridge. Most commonly, however, is the use of a dental crown over a tooth that has been damaged or weakened. This includes teeth that have recently undergone root canal therapy where the dental pulp is removed and the teeth may become brittle over time. Dental crowns are used when cavities are too large for fillings and the tooth’s structure is compromised.

Fabrication of Crowns

The tooth is prepared with the removal of natural enamel and molds are completed to send to a laboratory for the fabrication of the new restoration. Patient return to have the crown bonded over the natural tooth.

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