Porcelain Fillings Phoenix

Porcelain fillings are one of the most beautiful and natural looking restorations available, and they are a terrific alternative to unsightly mercury amalgam fillings. Porcelain fillings match the color of your natural teeth, making them much more esthetic and discreet than dark gray or silver colored restorations.

Better for Your Teeth

Porcelain fillings are more conservative because only the decayed portion of the tooth needs to be removed. Amalgam requires a significant amount of tooth structure to be removed to shape the tooth to retain the filling material securely. Amalgam expands and contracts in reaction to heat and cold, which can allow bacteria to seep under the filling when it is contracts, and when it is expanded, it can cause micro-fractures in the tooth. Porcelain doesn’t react to temperatures the way metal does, and they are bonded directly to the tooth, creating a tight seal against bacteria. As an added bonus, they can actually strengthen damaged teeth because they are bonded to them.

The Process

Porcelain fillings (inlays) are usually recommended when a tooth has sustained too much damage for a composite tooth colored filling to repair it, but not so significant that it requires a crown. Dr. Frost removes the decay and the exact shape and size of the restoration needed is determined by taking an impression of the prepared tooth. Depending on the situation, Dr. Frost may be able to make the inlay in the same visit with his CEREC system. In some cases, the impression is sent to a quality dental lab so they can make the inlay, and a temporary filling will be placed in the interim. When the inlay is ready, it is checked for precise fit and color and cemented in place, and your smile will look natural and beautiful.

Skill and Technique Are Important

Choosing the right dentist is a crucial factor in satisfaction, many dentists place porcelain filings, but the level of their skills vary. It takes more time, talent, and precision, for successful placement of porcelain fillings, which is one of the reasons amalgam fillings remain popular.

Dr. Frost is experienced and proficient in placing these restorations to the delight of our patients. He has been helping Phoenix smile beautifully for years. To schedule an appointment for your own beautiful smile, call (602) 704-0659 today.