Cosmetic Fillings

As a result of the always growing popularity of cosmetic dentistry, extensive research and development has resulted in materials that are more aesthetically pleasing. Improvements to composite and ceramic compounds which imitate the properties of natural tooth enamel have led to dental filling materials which are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

A lot of patients ask for white fillings, also known as composite fillings, in order to give their teeth a natural look. The composite resin is the same color as teeth so that it can restore a decayed or damaged tooth without compromising its appearance.

A benefit of composite fillings is that it requires less healthy tooth structure to be removed as they are bonded in place with an adhesive. The standard amalgam fillings require the tooth to be prepared in order for it to be placed, requiring healthy tooth tissue to sometimes be removed. Composite fillings are an attractive and a more conservative option when compared to amalgam fillings. The benefits offered by composite fillings effectively counterweigh the extra time and cost needed to obtain the restoration. In fact, a majority of patients who got composite fillings have said that the cost and time is more than worth it.