Phoenix Patients Ask, “What Are Emergency Dental Care Situations?”

Dr. Frost and our professional staff at Biltmore Dental Center in Phoenix understand that a dental emergency can occur at any time. To accommodate patients who may be in pain or require urgent care, we offer convenient daytime and evening appointments and reserve slots in our daily schedule for just that reason. A recent survey found that 22 percent of Americans had experienced oral pain in the prior six months and children had missed more than a million and a half school days.

Common situations that may warrant an emergency dental visit and require prompt follow up care include:


An abscessed tooth is the result of infection that spreads to the root tip from the inner chamber, or the pulp, of the tooth. It may be caused by a cavity or decay, trauma to the tooth from injury, grinding, or clenching teeth, or by a filling that is too close to the pulp chamber. Initial treatment involves clearing up the infection by draining the tooth or use of antibiotics, or both, and may require a root canal treatment.

Inflammation of the Tooth Pulp

Depending upon the type of pulpitis (inflammation), a patient may experience a painful reaction to heat, cold, sweetness, or somewhat localized pain that occurs spontaneously. Follow up care may involve a filling, root canal therapy, or extraction.


When the soft tissue in the mouth becomes infected with bacteria, pain, erythema, and swelling may result. Treatments in these cases vary but may include root canal treatment, extraction, or prescription antibiotics.

Broken Tooth

The extent of damage to the tooth will determine whether a root canal, filling, or extraction is required. Reconstructive dentistry, such as a dental crown, may be recommended.

Knocked Out Tooth

A common occurrence that may be a result of sporting activities, a missing tooth may be replaced in several ways, including a dental bridge or dental implant.


About 12 percent of the country had reported having a significant toothache in the prior six months.

Dr. Frost is an experienced, attentive, and compassionate Doctor of Dental Surgery. For more information about the types of dental emergencies and what you should do, contact us today at Biltmore Dental Center at (602) 704-0659.