Phoenix Area Patients Seek Emergency Dental Care For Toothache

When patients in the Phoenix area are dealing with a toothache, they may be unsure of who to go to for care. Many men and women seek the assistance of a dental professional such as Dr. Frost. Dr. Frost provides emergency dental care for a wide range of situations including toothaches, broken restorations, and knocked out teeth. When patients have a dental emergency, we are here to help.

Emergency dental care for a toothache may vary depending on the reason the toothache is occurring. Sometimes a toothache may be due to a cavity. In many cases, we are able to quickly see the patient and address the area of decay that is causing the pain. This must be determined by doing a series of x-rays. If x-rays determine that there is a bigger problem, such as an infection of the dental pulp or an abscess, another treatment option may be considered. This treatment is known as root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is often done as an emergency procedure. This treatment requires a dentist to make a hole in the tooth to access the center of the tooth. This is where the dental pulp resides. The dental pulp includes the blood supply, nerves, and tissues that are needed to keep the tooth alive. When this dental pulp becomes damaged or infected, it may result in the need for removal. Removing the dental pulp through root canal therapy is a common procedure and is done with proper anesthetics and sedation to ensure comfort.

Patients who are seeking emergency dental care for a toothache in the Phoenix area are welcome to visit Biltmore Dental Center, even if they are not a current patient. We welcome new patients to our practice and we can build a positive relationship with those who live in our community and assist them in achieving a more beautiful smile that is healthy and attractive.