Phoenix Dentist Provides “Teeth in One Day” With CEREC Technology

The loss of teeth, or damage to them, can be a traumatic experience. At Biltmore Dental Center in Phoenix, AZ, we understand how important your smile is to you.

Dr. Sameet Koppikar offers a complete range of professional dental services including reconstructive dentistry, such as porcelain crowns and bridges, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, braces, Invisalign, emergency care, family dentistry, and sedation services.

Named a Top Phoenix Cosmetic Dentist by the Consumers’ Research Council of America, Dr. Koppikar is committed to providing the latest technologies, treatments, and services for our patients’ optimal oral health, comfort, and convenience. That’s why we are one of the few dental practices in Arizona that has invested in CEREC technology so that our patients may enjoy the convenience of single-visit restorations, or “teeth in a day.”

CEREC is an acronym based upon CEramic REConstruction. This technology was developed at the University of Zurich and has been successfully used for 30 years, producing nearly 7 million restorations a year throughout the world.

Restorations such as porcelain crowns are popular and they may be used to complete a dental implant, secure a bridge, or cover and protect a damaged, cracked, or unappealing tooth. Traditionally, a crown would require a patient to sit through an uncomfortable visit, with a compound in his or her mouth to create an impression of the teeth. The impression would be sent out to a lab for fabrication of the crown and a resin temporary restoration would be placed. Patients often had to wait several weeks for their crowns.

CEREC, which uses computer-aided design and manufacturing software, offers you the convenience of same-day restorations. A comfortable intraoral camera captures 3D images instead of a physical, messy model. The image is instantly sent to the design software, then on to the precision milling machine. A block of porcelain, matched to your exact tooth color, is then custom-carved while you enjoy our comfortable and relaxing office space.

Once finished, Dr. Koppikar will test the crown for fit and match before securing your natural looking, restoration.

To find out more about CEREC technology and our comprehensive array of dental care services, you may request an appointment or consultation online or by calling (602) 704-0659.