Phoenix Dentist Describes the Best Candidates for Dental Implants

Many factors may cause a patient to be missing teeth, including:

  • Never developing a permanent tooth after the loss of primary, or baby, tooth
  • Extraction
  • Trauma to the tooth, such as the tooth being knocked out, a common occurrence for youth and adults participating in sports without using recommended mouth guards
  • Extensive decay
  • Periodontal disease

At Biltmore Dental Center, serving patients in the greater Phoenix area, including Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, and surrounding communities, Dr. Sameet Koppikar, and our dental professionals offer several solutions for patients dealing with tooth loss. Dental bridges, dental implants, or combinations of the two procedures may be used to restore a patient’s appearance and oral function.

Sturdy, dependable, and permanent dental implants are typically the dentist recommended and patient preferred treatment for tooth loss. During a comprehensive consultation, Dr. Koppikar will evaluate whether or not the patient is an ideal candidate for dental implants. The best candidates should:

  • Be generally healthy. Health conditions such as cancer, prior radiation, advanced gum disease, prolonged or excessive alcohol or tobacco use, certain medication use, or unmanaged diabetes may affect whether dental implants are appropriate.
  • Have a sufficient amount of healthy jawbone to support the implant. Bone grafts or other oral surgery procedures can help to regenerate bone density.

Dental implants restore maximum function for a patient who is missing one to several teeth. A strong titanium post is surgically placed into the bone of the jaw. The post, serving as a replacement tooth root, naturally fuses with the bone over the healing period. Once the post is secure, an abutment and a natural-looking dental crown are placed. While the crown covers the visible portion, the titanium implant actually provides necessary stimulation to the bone, which strengthens it. A dental implant prevents nearby teeth from shifting out of place as well.

Biltmore Dental Center offers a complete array of advanced dental care including family, preventive, emergency, surgical, cosmetic, restorative, and sedation dentistry, as well as treatment for orthodontic concerns.

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