Phoenix, AZ Area Dentist Offers Snap-in Dentures

Snap-in dentures, sometimes referred to as implant-support dentures or “overdentures,” are a wonderful way for patients to replace an arch of missing teeth without having to worry about traditional dentures slipping or falling out. Snap-in dentures provide Phoenix, AZ area patients another option that is more reliable and much more durable.

Why Choose Snap-in Dentures?

When a patient is missing all the teeth in the dental arch, the only economical solution available is full dentures. At Biltmore Dental Center, snap-in dentures may be suggested. This method uses dentures similar to traditional full dentures but with a fitting that allows them to snap into place with several dental implants placed along the bone of the jaw. This provides amazing stability and function that cannot be achieved with conventional dentures, which use dental adhesives and natural suction to keep them in place. Patients with snap-in dentures love the confidence they have in enjoying their favorite foods and find this treatment to be a wonderful investment!

Steps for Placing Snap-in Dentures

  • Any existing natural teeth within the dental arch are extracted
  • Impressions are made of the natural gum line and used to fabricate the new set of teeth
  • X-rays are taken so the dentist can prepare for the placement of implants
  • Several dental implants are placed into the jaw during oral surgery
  • Dentures are completed and made to snap over the implants

Interested in Finding Out if Snap-in Dentures Are Right for You?

Patients in and around the area of Phoenix, AZ are welcome to visit Biltmore Dental Center at 4202 N. 32nd Street, Suite B to discuss the benefits of treatments such as snap-in dentures. Dr. Sameet Koppikar welcomes new patients to his practice and encourages individuals to call him at 602-704-0659 to schedule a consultation to discuss restoring their smiles.