Patients in Glendale Ask, “How Safe Is Teeth Whitening?”

It’s no secret – most people would like to have whiter teeth for a more attractive smile. A bright smile radiates youth, good health, and confidence. It is one of the first things you notice about others, and you’d naturally like to have your own. That is one of the reasons teeth whitening has become so popular. Dr. Justin Frost and his team at Biltmore Dental Center love the reactions they see when patients get a glimpse of their newly whitened smiles. However, some Glendale area residents still avoid this effective, economical smile boost because of concerns about safety. It is time to put those fears to rest.

The Power Behind Professional Whitening

Both fast in-office whitening, and gradual brightening with take-home trays for daily treatment utilize basically the same vital element – peroxide. The gel formulations contain either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. When it comes into contact with enzymes on your teeth called catalase, peroxide transforms into water and oxygen gas. That creates a bubbling action at microscopic level that loosens and lifts staining pigments.

The power behind professional whitening lies in the strength of the peroxide. The peroxide you buy at the drug store as an antiseptic for minor cuts and scrapes is a three percent solution. Over the counter teeth whitening products typically contain the equivalent of about 3.5 percent hydrogen peroxide. The professional whitening formulations used at Biltmore Dental Center contain 25 to 40 percent peroxide.

The Safety Factor

How are you assured of safe treatment with these powerful professional teeth whitening methods? The answer is twofold. First, the formulas and techniques used at Biltmore Dental Center are thoroughly tested. Dr. Justin Frost adjusts the peroxide concentration to meet your whitening needs and your personal physiology. He can add special buffering agents if your teeth or gums are especially sensitive to whitening.

Second, you have professional oversight. Dr. Justin Frost and his team explain your options to help you make an informed decision about which type of whitening is right for you. They make sure your mouth is in good overall condition before you begin treatment. They answer your questions and provide usage and aftercare instructions to ensure the best possible results. They monitor your whitening and comfort throughout treatment. Even if you choose at-home whitening, advice is only a phone call away.

So, how safe is teeth whitening? It is very safe. With proper application and supervision, it does not harm tooth enamel or soft tissues. The American Dental Association recognizes this, recommending that you schedule a consultation with your dentist before using any teeth bleaching product.

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