Is Teeth Whitening Always the Best Option for Discolored Phoenix, AZ Smiles?

There are probably more vivid smiles on adults in the Phoenix, AZ area than ever before in history. Our culture has done a good job of emphasizing the importance of oral hygiene for dental health and overall wellness. Regular brushing and flossing has the added benefit of keeping teeth more attractively white. Teeth whitening has become a popular supplement to brighten smiles even further. Is teeth whitening always your best option? Dr. Frost explains when whitening makes sense, and when you might want to consider an alternative.

When to Think “Whitening”

Professional teeth whitening uses medical grade peroxide to penetrate microscopic tubules in tooth enamel, safely loosening and lifting stains. Those pigments come from dark colored foods, coffee, tea, cola, red wine, and tobacco. Once teeth are properly cleaned by a dental hygienist, teeth whitening can also erase final remnants of negligent oral hygiene.

Dr. Frost offers fast in-office whitening. In about an hour, a chemically activated bleaching agent removes stains and brightens teeth dramatically. He also provides at-home whitening with custom fit trays. You simply apply prescription strength gel and wear the trays while you sleep, for results in several days. Special buffering formulations can be administered to minimize sensitivity.

You may see some improvement from drug store whitening products, but they simply aren’t as effective and the cost adds up quickly. When you whiten under the supervision of a dentist and trained hygiene team, you have the assurance of thorough instruction and professional advice.

The Case for Porcelain Veneers

Medications like tetracycline can leave stains inside teeth that don’t always respond to whitening. Sometimes a tooth that has had endodontic therapy discolors, even thought root canal treatment is successful. Old dental work can remain viable, but be unattractively dark. In those cases professional teeth whitening might not return the dazzling results you desire.

Dr. Frost may suggest dental veneers. These thin coverings of strong, luminous porcelain effectively disguise stubborn smile stains. Veneers can also be used to address a variety of other cosmetic concerns, such as minor misalignment and enamel flaws (cracks, chips, pits, bumps, wear, and unusual shape). A single tooth may be veneered, or all of the “smile teeth” that show readily.

Your smile and your lifestyle are unique. There’s no need to settle for cookie cutter dental treatment. A call to Biltmore Dental Center at (602) 704-0659 gets you the personalized care you deserve.