Dental Patients in Phoenix Look Younger With One-Hour Teeth Whitening

Thousands of people throughout the Phoenix area seek rejuvenating treatments like Botox, dermal fillers, and cosmetic surgery to minimize signs of aging. Yet they overlook one of the most important factors in a youthful appearance – a bright smile. Dr. Frost and his hygiene team at Biltmore Dental Center can erase years from your smile with one-hour teeth whitening.

The precise color and shading of teeth is unique to each person. In general, though, we all start with white teeth. Negligent hygiene, dark and acidic beverages, pigmented foods, tobacco, medications, and excessive fluoridation leave teeth stained.

The simple passing of time also results in discoloration. The outside surfaces of each tooth are covered by a layer of enamel. It is whitish in color and extremely hard. Underneath the enamel is dentin, which helps to make tooth structure strong and durable. As you age, enamel gets thinner. Teeth wear and the yellowish dentin shows through. Your smile begins to look sallow, no matter how conscientious you are about brushing and flossing. This process is so natural that, regardless of the actual reasons for discoloration, we automatically associate dingy teeth with age.

One-hour teeth whitening is an affordable, convenient way to brighten your smile. This method is extremely effective, with the added assurance of oversight by a team of trained dental professionals. You simply relax in the chair. We protect your lips and gums, then apply a medical grade whitening gel to teeth. You may doze, listen to music, or watch a movie while stains are loosened and lifted. It is a chemically activated system, so there’s no harsh light that could hurt your eyes or irritate nerves in teeth.

In just about an hour you walk out the door with a smile that looks as young as you feel. You also get a set of custom-fit trays and whitening gel. Occasional home use keeps your smile vibrant.

Your teeth play a leading role in smile appeal. Your smile is incredibly important to your self-confidence and to the impression you make on others in social and business situations. Make sure that impact expresses all the youthful vitality you feel. Call Biltmore Dental Center today at (602) 704-0659 to learn more about the benefits of professional one-hour teeth whitening.