Dental Crowns

When it comes to dealing with tooth that is damaged, a person’s first choice should be to save the tooth rather than to get it extracted. It is possible to restore a majority of teeth which may have been damaged by injury or decay by using a dental crown. A dental crown is a restoration that is used to anchor a dental bridge; complete the dental implant procedure; provide strength to teeth which have undergone a root canal; improve the appearance of unattractive teeth; conceal breaks or cracks on teeth; and protect teeth which do not have a good tooth structure.

This restoration used to cover the visible areas of a tooth all the way to the gumline. By using a dental crown, the function as well as the natural appearance of the tooth can be restored. While many go for porcelain veneers as their first choice to improve the appearance of their teeth, crowns can do the same, even for teeth that do not have much of its structure left to support a veneer. In addition to this, crowns are even used when teeth have deep set stains or discolouration that are resistant to whitening and may be seen through veneers.