Cost and Convenience Are Factors to Consider When Comparing Braces and Invisalign in Phoenix

Everyone would like to have an attractive and engaging smile. Very few people, however, have perfectly straight teeth and aligned jaws. Malocclusion is the term for crooked teeth or a bad bite. Typically, in a normal bite, the upper teeth are a little bit in front of the lower teeth.

While malocclusion is often a cosmetic issue, a misaligned bite can contribute to other serious problems, causing teeth to become crooked or protrude and leading to difficulty chewing or talking. Teeth that are crowded or twisted can also create challenges to optimal oral hygiene, which can result in tooth decay.

At Biltmore Dental Center in Phoenix, Dr. Frost and our staff offer several options for patients who wish to straighten their teeth or align their bite. Based upon a complimentary and comprehensive consultation, Dr. Frost can recommend the solution that is best for your needs, considering cost, lifestyle, and what you would like to accomplish.

Our options include Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, traditional braces, and porcelain dental veneers.


Invisalign uses custom-made clear, plastic alignment trays to move teeth into the proper position gradually and gently. They are undetectable and can be removed for eating and for cleaning your teeth. As the trays shift the teeth, a new set of aligners are worn about every two weeks to continue the progress. Six Month Smiles As the name indicates, Six Month Smiles is an option if you are interested in the cosmetic benefit of straighter teeth but aren’t looking for the time commitment of traditional braces or Invisalign. Six Month Smiles works faster than other alternatives because it focuses on straightening just the teeth that are visible when you smile.

Conventional Braces

For serious cases of misalignment or abnormal bite, which can cause headaches, TMJ, excessive wear, and other complications, traditional braces may be required. Dr. Frost would custom-tailor a treatment plan specifically for you.

Porcelain Veneers

A quick, affordable, and purely cosmetic fix for mildly crooked or misshapen teeth, porcelain veneers cover your natural teeth and create the appearance of whiter, straighter, and perfectly spaced teeth. Using thin layers of porcelain, the smile that you desire can be designed and bonded to your teeth. Because porcelain has the same durability and light-reflecting properties as tooth enamel, veneers are natural-looking enhancements.

For your happiest and healthiest smile, see Dr. Frost at Biltmore Dental Center. Appointments and consultations may be requested online or by calling us at (602) 704-0659.