Comparing the cost of braces to alternatives for Glendale patients

There was a time when only the wealthy enjoyed the health and appearance benefits of orthodontically straightened teeth. There was a time when orthodontics was considered appropriate only for children. Dr. Frost believes that every patient deserves a straight, gorgeous smile. That’s why Biltmore Dental Center brings straightening options to patients of virtually all ages and lifestyles.

These modern straightening methods represent an important investment in self-worth, but they naturally come with a price tag. Dr. Frost encourages patients in the Phoenix and Glendale area to consider the cost of braces compared to these other alternatives.

Live With Crooked Teeth

Smiles don’t generally become crooked overnight, so most patients have had years to adapt to the feel and possibly impaired function of gaps, overlaps, and twisted teeth. You may have learned to chew on the other side of our mouth or avoid certain foods. You might have also developed a habit of hiding your smile or not smiling.

You may not realize that, over time, malocclusion takes a toll on your oral health and possibly your overall wellness. Shifted teeth impact the alignment of your bite. That inhibits efficient chewing, leading to digestive disorders. Crooked teeth contribute to unusual tooth wear and increased risk of breakage. You may also experience TMJ disorders or headaches related to poorly aligned teeth.

The cost of addressing those issues, over a lifetime, could easily exceed the one-time price of braces.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are sometimes called “instant orthodontics.” Veneers are a terrific cosmetic dentistry option, but they only disguise minor misalignment. Veneers do nothing to actually move teeth into proper position, and they are not appropriate for very crooked teeth or bite problems. Plus, veneers can equal or exceed the cost of braces.

Today’s dental patient is fortunate to have many options available (including conventional braces, Invisalign clear aligners, and Six Month Smiles) with appropriate choices for a broad range of ages and budgets. The real value in straightening comes in the form of your natural teeth looking and functioning their best, for a lifetime.

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