Best Orthodontist in the Phoenix Area Explains Traditional Braces

Misaligned teeth are not just a cosmetic issue; they can also be an issue when it comes to proper bite alignment and oral health. Dr. Frost and his team at Biltmore Dental Center offer some of the best orthodontic treatment available for both teenagers and adults. Our orthodontist is a Phoenix area professional who explains the process of traditional braces for patients who are interested in achieving a more attractive smile with orthodontic care.

Dr. Frost and his team of professionals start with an evaluation of the smile. During this evaluation, patients may have a series of x-rays done to check the alignment of the teeth. For young patients, this is also a great way to see how many teeth are coming through the gum line and need to be addressed with orthodontic treatment. The examination allows the dental team to determine which orthodontic treatment is right for a patient, for some, alternatives such as Invisalign may be considered.

Traditional braces use metal brackets and wires to realign the teeth. Often, they may include treatments such as expanders and retainers to reposition the dental arch and the jaw for better results. Dr. Frost will consult with patients during their initial appointment to help them learn about the process that needs to happen to achieve the desired appearance.

The amount of time patients will wear braces varies depending on many factors. This may include the severity of the misalignment and the way the teeth respond to treatment. However, he will be able to give patients a generalized timeframe as to when to expect their treatment to show results. After braces have been completed, many patients are urged to wear a retainer at night to maintain the alignment for many years.

If you live in or around the Phoenix area and are considering seeing an orthodontist in town to assist with realignment of the smile, contact Biltmore Dental Center today to book a consultation visit. We encourage men and women to learn about the advantages of traditional braces versus alternative solutions and discover how they can dramatically enhance the appearance of the smile.