Emergency Care From Biltmore Dental Center, Emergency Dentist Phoenix, AZ

A broken tooth. A swelling. A loose crown. No worries. We’ve seen it all. If you have a dental emergency, do not wait to call Biltmore Dental Center. We do our best to provide emergency dental care right away.

One of the most common reasons to see an emergency dentist is if your “wisdom teeth” get infected. “Wisdom teeth” are the very last molars in the back of your mouth. They are difficult to keep clean, which leads to cavities, which can lead to infections. Pain from a wisdom tooth infection can rapidly increase in less than a day, so it is very important to get it treated early.

Another common dental emergency is cracked teeth. Even if you do not have any pain when you crack a tooth, make sure you have it evaluated. A cracked tooth can lead to decay, or worse, the crack can extend into the nerve, which can only be treated with a root canal.

If you have a swelling in your jaw, you will usually need antibiotics prior to getting dental treatment. There are many causes for a swelling, a cracked tooth, a large cavity, and even a loose crown. Sometimes a swelling in your jaw can give you intense pain in your sinuses. This is because the nerves in your teeth are sometimes very close to your sinuses, so anything that affects your teeth can affect your sinuses.

Old crowns and fillings can come loose at any time. If you are in that situation, make sure you call our office right away. There are many reasons why restorations come loose, such as new cavities, teeth grinding, or just wear over time. It is important to evaluate whether these are symptoms of more serious conditions.

We do our best to see emergencies the same day and don’t forget, we are open on Fridays!