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Missing teeth can make you feel like you cannot smile, speak properly or eat your favorite dish. If you have missing teeth, dental implants at Biltmore Dental Center can give you the confidence to smile again!

Dental implants are titanium anchors that support natural looking porcelain crowns. Dental Implants are actually made up of 3 parts:

  • The Dental Implant — a small titanium post that mimics the shape of your original root.
  • The Implant Abutment — this connects the dental implant to the porcelain crown.
  • The Implant Restoration — this can be a crown, a bridge, or a full denture that is custom designed to blend in with your smile. This is placed 4-6 months after the implant has been placed. During this time you will have a temporary tooth – so you can still take those selfies!

At Biltmore Dental Center we utilize state-of-the-art 3-D computer-guided implant surgery to place dental implants in the perfect position in your mouth. This reduces post surgical complications and allows us to restore your smile sooner.

So – Are Dental Implants worth it?

This is what many of our patients say after getting dental implants:

  • Look & Feel like natural teeth
  • Can floss them like natural teeth – easy to care for
  • Prevent surrounding teeth from drifting into an empty space
  • Can last a lifetime – with regular check-ups
  • Do not move around like regular dentures when eating
  • Gives you the confidence to smile, laugh and love again

So – What are All-On-4 Implants

All-On-4 dentures, also known as “Teeth in a Day”, is a technique where we can rebuild your smile on just 4 implants. Prior to this technique you would need about 14 separate implants to restore just one jaw. This technique has made rebuilding your smile more time efficient & financially more affordable. This procedure can be done on the upper and/or lower jaw. The life-like teeth are attached to the implants permanently. They do not move! At Biltmore Dental Center we have taken this technique further and aim to place 6 implants instead of 4. And … we do not charge extra for the extra implants. We believe in providing our patients with the best possible outcome. Check out this amazing case we recently completed.


All-On-4 Implants are expensive. Is there another option?

All-On-4 is the gold standard. At Biltmore Dental Center we understand everyone has a different budget. So we offer a technique where we can attach your existing denture to implants. Do you dentures move around or slip our when you eat or smile? Implant retained dentures are an affordable option to help smile again with confidence. Dental implants can help stabilize your denture without the need for goopy denture adhesives. Depending on your budget we can place two – four – or six implants to hold your denture in place. We can even build you a brand new custom fit denture. Your denture will “snap” onto the implants and is very stable. You can remove it – it will take some muscle! And that is a good thing!

Will My Dental Insurance Pay for Dental Implants?

Some dental insurance plans do cover a portion of your for implants. Our insurance specialists so their best to maximize your plan benefits. Give us a call anytime to verify your dental coverage.

At Biltmore Dental Center we also offer payment plans starting @ $299/month. Call us anytime for all the details.


Before the Treatment

After the Treatment


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