Root Canal Process

When it comes to undergoing a root canal treatment, the dentist will firstly create a tiny opening on the top surface of the tooth in order to gain access to the pulp chamber. Then, the dentist will use tiny precision instruments in order to carefully remove the infection pulp, which also contains the blood vessels and nerves that are infected. The emptied pulp chamber will be cleaned, enlarged, and disinfected in order to make sure that the bacteria have been gotten rid of. If the tooth’s infection was serious, that pulp chamber is filled with liquid antibiotics and sealed temporarily. Sometimes antibiotic pills are prescribed and tooth is left to heal.

After the infection has been completely eliminated, the temporary seal will be removed and tooth will be filled with a type of natural rubber. This rubber will help in keeping the pulp chamber bacteria-free and serve as a strong core for the tooth. The opening that was created will be sealed with a regular composite filling. Following a root canal, a tooth can sometimes become weak as time passes. Therefore, a dental crown will normally be placed on the tooth in order to strengthen it and prevent additional damage.