Relieve the Pain With a Root Canal Treatment in Phoenix

A root canal treatment (endodontic treatment) is necessary when the pulp in a tooth becomes infected or inflamed. The pulp contains the blood vessels and nerves that keep the tooth alive. Temperature and pain are perceived through the dental pulp. When the pulp is injured, pressure builds inside the tooth. This pressure results in chronic, sometimes unbearable pain, which will not stop until the sufferer seeks the help of a dentist.

The term root canal treatment can make most people shudder at the thought. Many people continue to be hurt rather than letting a dentist help them, resulting in unbearable pain. There are many stories about root canals resulting in discomfort and pain. This stigma associated with root canal treatment is nothing more than an outdated myth. The patients that avoid the treatment suffer needlessly because a root canal treatment actually relieves the pain, it doesn’t cause it.

Advances in dental technology and procedures have resulted in a virtually pain-free treatment, and in some cases, can be completed in a single visit. Many patients that have had a root canal treatment compare it to getting a tooth filled, and they called the process boring. The procedure is relatively fast, straightforward, and effective for stopping the maddening pain of an infected tooth. The symptoms of an infected root canal are varied:

  • Pressure and a dull ache in a tooth
  • Persistent pain after eating hot or cold foods
  • Intense, sharp pain that is difficult to pinpoint
  • Soreness or tenderness of the tooth and swelling of the gums
  • Acute pain when biting down

There are only two options available to stop the pain, a root canal treatment, or a tooth extraction. It is always best to save the natural tooth whenever possible. A missing tooth can lead to many other dental problems, such as misalignment of the remaining teeth, and a higher risk of periodontal disease.

Dr. Sameet Koppikar is known for his gentle manner, exceptional results, and virtually painless dentistry. The entire dental team is very talented and professional, providing excellence in every aspect of your dental treatment. If you have a painful tooth, call Biltmore Dental Center at (602) 704-0659, or stop by 4202 N. 32nd Street Suite B, Phoenix, AZ and schedule a consultation. You will be able to relax in the soothing, friendly environment with the knowledge that you couldn’t be in better hands, and they will stop your pain – permanently!