Relax When You Visit a Dentist in Phoenix Who Offers Sedation

Don’t let dental anxiety ruin your oral health. Some people, between 9 and 20 percent, avoid going to the dentist due to dental phobia. They usually only seek dental care when they are in severe pain. Others cancel appointments and miss scheduled checkups and cleanings due to anxiety. The longer dental care is postponed, the worse dental problems will become, and more extensive treatment will be needed to restore oral health.

The First Step Is Trust

Dr. Frost offers a gentle touch, a compassionate manner, and sedation to help fearful patients relax and receive the care they need and deserve. He provides a safe, calm, and caring environment, and invites his patients to discuss their fears and concerns openly. He listens closely to their concerns and answers any questions they may have. The entire team at Biltmore Dental Center treats patients like members of their own family. They work hard to gain your trust so they can restore your confidence and your oral health.

Eliminating Anxiety

Fear lowers the threshold for pain, making people hypersensitive to every noise or sensation. The fear causes the release of adrenalin, which puts them on high alert. They tense their muscles, increasing discomfort during and after treatment. Dr. Frost offers sedation to eliminate the fear and all of the negative effects that come with it. Sedation during dental care is often called “relaxed” or “comfortable” dentistry, because that describes the way patients feel during treatment. Their mind and body relaxes and they feel peaceful rather than anxious.


Sedation allows patients to experience dental care in an entirely new way. They enjoy peace of mind, relaxation, and comfort. Time flies by, hours can seem like minutes to a sedated patient. This enables the doctor to complete multiple or complex treatments in a single extended visit without the patient becoming fatigued.


To ensure sedation is right for you, it is important to tell the doctor about any medical conditions you may have and medications you are taking, including vitamins, herbal supplements, and over the counter pain relievers. At Biltmore Dental Center, sedation is administered by a board certified anesthesiologist who monitors the patient throughout the procedure. All sedative medications have been rigorously tested for safety and efficacy.

If you would like to be able to relax in the dental chair, call (602) 704-0659 and schedule an appointment today.