Phoenix Patient Asks, ‘When Is a Root Canal the Best Treatment for Tooth Pain?’

Toothache or pain in one or more teeth may be caused by many conditions, including infection, abscess, decay, loosened or damaged dental work, gum recession, abrasion, trauma, breakage, and even sinus infection or congestion. The symptoms, which vary based upon the underlying issue, may be mild to severe, such as:

  • Sharp pain upon biting or eating
  • Pressure in the upper jaw or sinus region
  • Immediate sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Prolonged or lingering pain after temperature variations
  • Constant and intense pain in a general area
  • Sensitivity to touch and gum inflammation

Dr. Sameet Koppikar at Biltmore Dental Center in Phoenix, AZ, is a board-certified and award-winning experienced doctor of dental surgery (DDS) who has been treating patients and their families with compassionate and effective dental care since 2000. Our friendly, professional team understands that tooth pain can be an uncomfortable and, at times, serious condition.

When symptoms of tooth pain include a darker appearance of a tooth, a small bump or pimple on the gums, sensitivity that does not subside after contact with hot or cold elements, severe pain upon pressure, or swelling in the gums, they may indicate that a root canal is required.

The term “root canal” often invokes fear and anxiety, however, the procedure, which cleans out the infected pulp of the tooth, located in the root canal, resolves the severe pain caused by the infection. Root canal therapy involves the removal of the nerves and pulp inside the chamber and then cleaning and sealing the tooth. Typically, a natural-looking and protective porcelain dental crown is placed over the tooth to restore strength and aesthetics following root canal therapy.

Dr. Koppikar is committed to providing pain-free dental care. A board-certified dental anesthesiologist on our staff will ensure that patients undergoing root canal therapy are able to do so with minimal discomfort, limited downtime, and the best clinical outcomes.

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