Phoenix Is Ready to Smile Again With Home Teeth Whitening

It isn’t surprising that teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure available today. Dr. Koppikar and the team at Biltmore Dental make it easy to brighten your smile with two different options. In-office whitening can lighten your teeth several shades in about an hour, which can be a real lifesaver if you are in a hurry to look great for a big event such as a class reunion, business presentation, or Saturday night date. Home whitening is great for those who want to brighten their smiles discreetly rather than having a dramatic sudden change.

There are some very good reasons that an attractive smile is frequently called a “winning smile” or a “million dollar smile.” Psychologists and sociologists state definitively that an individual’s appearance affects how they are perceived and treated by others. Numerous studies have found there are many career benefits to having a bright white smile:

  • A study by Chicago’s Beal Research found that people with attractive smiles were perceived to be more sensitive, attractive, wealthy, successful, interesting, and intelligent.
  • A study by a college career placement center surveyed potential employers to discover the reasons for applicant rejection. The number one reason was appearance; it even ranked above attitude and punctuality.
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University’s study found that appearance affected starting salaries. Those with an attractive appearance enjoyed starting salaries 8-20 percent higher than those who looked mediocre.
  • St. Louis Federal Reserve bank released a study that found that attractive employees earned five percent higher salaries than their plain counterparts did.

Having a teeth whitening treatment does not guarantee you that job, raise, or promotion that you have been after, but it can be a big step in the right direction. At the very least, it can boost your confidence and lift your spirits; those benefits alone make it well worth it.

If you have been longing for a whiter smile, whether it is for personal, social, or professional reasons, we make it easy, comfortable, safe, and convenient. Call (602) 704-0659 for an appointment today.