Phoenix Dentist Offers Single Visit Dentistry With CEREC Technology

Dr. Sameet Koppikar and his team at Biltmore Dental Center use the CEREC system to offer patients extremely esthetic restorations in a single visit. Why should you have a second dental appointment to repair a tooth if you don’t have to? CEREC has allowed our patients to enter a new era in dental experience, convenience, and satisfaction.

The CEREC method offers a number of advantages over the traditional process to have a tooth restored:

  • The standard process involves physical impressions, requiring the patient to bite down on a tray of gooey paste and wait until it hardens. The impression is sent to a dental lab where the restoration is made and returned to the dentist in about two weeks.
    • CEREC impressions are taken in about two minutes with a high resolution digital camera and sent directly to the software design program. The software converts the images into a three-dimensional model on the computer screen. Dr. Koppikar uses his artistic skills, dental expertise, and knowledge about your specific case to create a restoration customized to meet your needs.
  • For a standard restoration, you would have to wear an annoying temporary restoration while the permanent one was being made. You would have to return for a second appointment in a couple of weeks to have the temporary crown removed and the permanent crown placed.
    • CEREC’s in-office system sends Dr. Koppikar’s design directly to the milling machine, and the doctor chooses a ceramic block in a color that matches your natural tooth. In about 15 minutes, your new restoration is ready to be placed.
  • If a restoration from a dental laboratory is a bit off in fit or color, it has to be returned to the laboratory and you wait another couple of weeks.
    • CEREC allows the doctor to make necessary changes within minutes, and you still receive your restoration in a single visit.

Over 28 million CEREC restorations have been placed since it came onto the market in 1987. Over 98 percent of those patients have rated their restorations as good or very good. We value your time and satisfaction and CEREC allows us to be in control of quality and patient experience from start to finish.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of single appointment dentistry, call Biltmore Dental Center in Phoenix at (602) 704-0659 and schedule an appointment today.