Phoenix Dentist Offers Same Day Crowns

There have been numerous advances in the science of dentistry in recent years, but few have been as helpful to patients as the development of CEREC technology. This innovative system gives dentists the ability to create all ceramic, high quality dental crowns in their offices in a matter of minutes. An advanced 3D camera determines the shape of the crown, and a computerized milling machine sculpts a porcelain block into a beautiful restoration in about 15 minutes.

CEREC, developed in 1985 has significant advantages for both the patient and the dentist. Traditionally, crown placement required about two weeks, now it can be completed in about two hours. With this system, there are no gooey impressions, no temporary crown, and no two-week wait while a dental laboratory makes the crown.

The 3D camera is at the core of this new technology, it takes a three-dimensional image of the tooth being restored. A complex algorithm enables the dentist to design the crown within minutes and match a natural tooth with incredible likeness.

Placement during the same visit saves a tremendous amount of time, and there are other advantages as well. With CEREC, if the fit isn’t quite right or the color is a little off, it is seen instantly and can be corrected. With lab created crowns, the restoration is sent back to the lab and there is another two-week wait for it to be returned to the doctor. Additionally there is only one visit to the doctor, one time to be anesthetized, and no temporary crown needs to be removed.

A good restoration requires a doctor with extensive skills, an artistic eye, and experience with CAD/CAM. There are many different shades of porcelain blocks for the doctor to choose from, including multi shade blocks, so the crown can be made to match the natural tooth accurately. The final restoration can be stained and glazed to add subtle nuances to mimic natural tooth enamel with precision.

Dr. Sameet Koppikar at Biltmore Dental Center has completed advanced cosmetic dentistry training with some of the best cosmetic dentists in the world. He is passionate about the appearance of his work and uses the latest proven dental technology, materials, and techniques to help his patients achieve optimal oral health and beautiful smiles.

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