Phoenix Dentist Can Complete Your Smile With a Resin Bonded Bridge

Few things are more distressing than losing a tooth, especially when it is at the front of the mouth. A dental bridge is commonly used to replace one, or a few, missing teeth. The adjacent teeth provide support for a bridge, making it extremely secure. However, traditional bridges are attached by placing crowns on the supporting teeth, which have been reduced and shaped to accommodate them. When it is a missing front tooth, a resin bonded bridge may be recommended, rather than the traditional style.

Resin bonded bridges (also called Maryland bonded bridges) are typically made with metal “wings,” although some are all resin. The bridge consists of a replacement tooth (pontic) which has “wings” bonded on each side. The wings are bonded to the teeth on both sides of the gap with a very strong adhesive. This leaves the support teeth unaltered, and allows the bridge to be fitted quickly with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. These bridges are generally used to replace a single missing tooth towards the front of the mouth.

An impression is taken of the teeth to guide the design and creation of the bridge. Some minor alteration may be necessary on the back of the support teeth to ensure a strong bond. If this is necessary, it will be done before taking impressions. The color of the pontic is chosen to match the color of the surrounding teeth so the bridge will blend in naturally.

When the bridge is ready, it is checked for fit, shape, and color. If both the patient and doctor are satisfied, the bridge is permanently bonded in place. With good oral hygiene and regular dental care, a Maryland bonded bridge can last ten years or longer. There are great advantages to this type of bridge, they are quick to fit and adjust, there is little impact on the support teeth, and anesthetic usually isn’t necessary. However, they are only suitable when the teeth adjacent to the gap are healthy.

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