Phoenix, AZ Patients Seeking Braces Ask, “Does Invisalign Really Work?”

Your smile and confidence levels are linked. A beautiful, straight smile can boost your self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself. However, for adults wanting to straighten their teeth, the idea of wearing traditional metal brackets is not appealing. Invisible braces such as Invisalign clear aligner trays are a popular treatment method for patients who want a discreet option. In Phoenix, AZ, the team at Biltmore Dental Center offers Invisalign as an option for patients needing mild to moderate orthodontic correction.

When selecting any dental treatment, including braces, patients want to be sure that it really works. Since its FDA approval in 1997, Invisalign has been used to successfully treat over 2.4 million people worldwide. Its effectiveness is just one of the reasons it has become a popular orthodontic treatment.

How Aligner Trays Work

Invisalign braces are clear, BPA-free plastic trays that are created on an individual basis from impressions of a patient’s teeth. The trays fit snugly around the teeth. This ensures the trays are comfortable, do not move, and are not immediately noticeable by others. Invisalign trays use gentle pressure to gradually shift the teeth into proper alignment. A series of trays is used. Each set is worn for a couple weeks as specified by your dentist. The placement of pressure changes with each set of trays to promote the continuous movement of your teeth.

Patients control the success of their treatment. Invisalign trays are removable so you can take out the trays to eat and to clean your teeth. Wearing the trays as directed, usually for at least 20 hours per day, improves the likelihood of a successful treatment. Following your dentist’s instructions also minimizes the chances of needing future orthodontic correction.

Orthodontic Correction With Invisalign

Orthodontic treatments improve the function and appearance of your smile. Straight, properly aligned teeth are easier to keep clean and healthy. Crowded or misaligned teeth have hidden, hard to reach areas where bacteria and tartar can accumulate. Invisalign does not just improve the esthetic appeal of your smile, but the health and function as well. The bite, crowding, and spacing issues are improved.

If you have thought about braces and have asked the question, “does Invisalign really work,” the answer is yes. Invisalign is appropriate for patients needing mild to moderate orthodontic correction. The technology is constantly improving, so correction for more complex cases is increasingly possible. Invisalign can effectively address the following needs:

  • Crooked or crowded teeth – When there is not enough room in the jaw, the teeth cannot all fit properly. This leads to crowding issues, crooked teeth, and problems with hygiene.
  • Gapped teeth – Spacing issues can lead to gum disease due to lack of protection from the teeth.
  • Overbite – An overbite occurs when the upper teeth extend over the bottom teeth. This can lead to gum problems, wear and tear on the bottom teeth, and jaw problems.
  • Underbite – An underbite is present when the bottom teeth protrude past the upper teeth. This can keep the front teeth and molars from working properly. It can cause tooth wear as well as jaw and joint problems.
  • Open bite – An open bite occurs when the teeth do not fully meet. An open bite can lead to speech, bite, and jaw problems.

The Invisalign Advantage

Invisalign aligner trays are an effective treatment for many patients. Teens and adults benefit from clear braces for orthodontic correction. The boost in self-esteem and improved oral health are just two of the reasons patients choose Invisalign. There are many benefits to aligner trays.

  • Custom – Aligner trays are custom-created for each patient based on impressions of the teeth and individual needs.
  • Comfortable – Unlike conventional orthodontics, which rely on pressure from tightening wires, Invisalign trays use gentle pressure to shift the teeth into alignment.
  • Effective – Periodic exams are performed to assess your progress. When worn as directed, clear braces produce beautifully straighter teeth.
  • Invisible – Others remain unaware of your clear orthodontic appliance.
  • Removable – Patients can take out their trays as needed to eat and to brush and floss their teeth.
  • Safe – The trays are made of clear, BPA free plastic.

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