Phoenix AZ Family Dentistry Cares for Patients of All Ages

Family dentists are highly educated in all general dentistry procedures. They are responsible for the preventive and general dental care for patients ranging from young children to senior citizens. It is never too early or too late to strive for optimal oral health. Dr. Frost and the team at Biltmore Dental Center provide education, coaching, and encouragement to help their patients enjoy great checkups and healthy, beautiful smiles. Dental care needs evolve as we go through life, and Dr. Frost offers the following tips for different life stages.

Infants and Toddlers

Oral hygiene begins from birth. Clean your infant’s gums with a soft cloth after every feeding and before bedtime. When the first tooth appears, usually between six months and one year old, brush the tooth gently after every feeding with a soft toothbrush designed for babies. The ADA recommends that infants have their initial dental visit by their first birthday. We offer free dental exams for children under the age of two. We ensure the visits are positive ones with cartoons, toys, and our love of children. Maintain regularly scheduled dental visits so we can ensure that the oral structure is developing properly and treat any condition that may arise.

School Age Children

Children of this age are especially vulnerable to dental problems. It is crucial for parents or caregivers to teach them how to brush and floss properly and to be vigilant in monitoring their oral hygiene techniques and habits. Children may think they brushed and flossed properly, but it is important to check and verify this. Avoid sugary snacks and drinks and provide a healthy balanced diet. Maintain regular dental visits, great habits established now can carry into adulthood and beyond.


Even if adults practice excellent oral hygiene, regular checkups and cleanings are more important than ever. At this age, oral diseases become more common, TMJD (jaw joint dysfunction) can develop, and oral cancer screening is recommended.


The association between oral health and overall health is becoming increasingly evident. Even though seniors may be paying more attention to their physical health, it is important that they give equal attention to their oral health. Great oral hygiene is crucial. An electric toothbrush and interdental cleaning aids may make this process easier for those with limited flexibility in their hands. In addition to the saliva flow naturally decreasing, some medications cause a dry mouth, which can increase the risk of gum disease, it is important to drink plenty of water. Seniors should be able to relax and enjoy their golden years; regular dental visits can ensure these years are free of dental pain.

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