Phoenix, AZ Dentist Explains How Invisalign Helps Improve Your Smile

Improve Smile with Invisalign Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

When patients think of orthodontic work, they envision traditional braces with metal brackets and wires. This often keeps many patients in Phoenix, AZ from speaking to their dentist about their imperfect smile. However, thanks to advances in modern dentistry, patients have options to choose from to realign the smile. In fact, Dr. Justin Frost is pleased to provide Invisalign treatment. He works with patients to help them understand how Invisalign helps their smile outside of just realigning the teeth.

How Invisalign Helps Your Smile

Patients considering Invisalign are often excited to learn about the many benefits this treatment provides. Invisalign impacts not only the appearance but the health and function of the smile. Below are just a few of the many advantages that Invisalign treatment offers:

  • Clear treatment – the primary reason patients choose Invisalign to improve their smiles is due to the discreet treatment. Invisalign aligner trays are made with clear medical-grade plastic. These trays are fabricated using digital impressions of the patients’ smiles. These trays are worn day and night to gently reposition the teeth without the need for noticeable or unsightly metal brackets and wires.
  • Improved oral health – the American Dental Association suggests straightening crooked teeth not only for aesthetic purposes but to improve dental health. When crooked teeth are straightened, this enhances the bite alignment. This reduces further oral problems, including erosion of tooth enamel caused by wear and tear, and the formation of cavities. Additionally, since Invisalign trays are removable, patients can still brush and floss their teeth as they did before without having to work around brackets and wires that can trap food particles and increase the risk of cavities and disease.
  • Protection from periodontal disease – periodontal disease is a condition that can occur from poor oral hygiene habits. Crowded or improperly aligned teeth increase the risk of periodontal disease, as there are spaces and crevices for food particles to stick. These areas can be difficult to brush correctly, resulting in the formation of periodontal disease. Gum infections can be reduced by straightening the teeth and reducing these hard-to-reach areas.
  • Comfortable treatment – Invisalign offers a convenient alternative to traditional orthodontia because of the smooth plastic trays that fit precisely over the dental arch. This eliminates brackets and wires from scraping or irritating the soft tissues in the mouth. The Invisalign appliances slide right into place over the dental arch and stay firmly in place. Because the trays are practically invisible while worn, it is easier for patients to be more compliant with treatment, even when in heavily socialized situations.
  • Customization – Invisalign trays are customized to the patient. Digital impressions are completed at the first appointment, which are then run through special software at the Invisalign laboratories to create a series of trays that work perfectly in repositioning the teeth into better alignment. No one else can use a patient’s custom aligners, ensuring proper treatment for each patient.
  • Improved self-confidence – when patients enhance their smile with Invisalign trays, they can boost their confidence with a more attractive smile. Patients with an imperfect smile or abnormality in alignments are often self-conscious about their smiles, while those with a beautifully aligned smile are proud to share it with others. This confidence helps patients of all ages feel more comfortable about laughing, smiling, and speaking in social situations.
  • Fast results – patients who comply strictly with Invisalign treatment will reap the rewards with a more beautiful smile at the end of the process. For most patients, treatment lasts approximately one year, give or take depending on the severity of misalignment and the patient’s strict compliance. This is comparable to traditional braces yet much more comfortable and discreet throughout the entire process.

Learn About the Advantages of Using Invisalign to Enhance the Smile!

Dr. Justin Frost of Biltmore Dental Center is committed to helping patients achieve the smiles they’ve always wanted. Phoenix, AZ area patients are welcome to book an appointment with our dentist to find out more about how Invisalign can help improve the smile by calling (602) 704-0659. The practice is located at 4202 North 32nd Street, Ste. B.