People in Phoenix Can Turn to Cosmetic Dentistry for Smile Transformations

We offer free consultation with Dr. Koppikar for patients who wish to have a personalized plan of care developed. Our smile makeover services include:

  • Teeth whitening
    • In-office whitening – in just one hour, our gel-based professional bleaching system can boost the whiteness of a patient’s smile by several shades. Results last for months
    • At-home whitening – our comfortable, custom-made, take-home trays can be used as maintenance following an in-office treatment, or may be used independently for more gradual and convenient whitening
  • Dental crowns – made of high quality porcelain for a natural look, dental crowns can cover and provide protection for teeth that may be oddly shaped, unattractive, or damaged. With CEREC technology, Dr. Koppikar can design, mill, and place a dental crown in just one visit
  • Dental implants – the most recommended treatment for missing teeth, a dental implant replaces the entire root of the tooth and is topped with a crown. Implants fuse with the bone and restore function while strengthening the bone
  • Dental bridge – another option for patients who may be missing teeth, a dental bridge may be secured on each side to healthy teeth for a secure and long-lasting solution
  • Teeth straightening – we offer three options for patients who wish to correct misalignment or crooked teeth:
    • Braces – in certain instances, traditional braces may be recommended for severe malocclusion
    • Six Month Smiles – referred to as cosmetic braces, Six Month Smiles involves clear or tooth colored brackets for discreet alignment and works in significantly less time than traditional braces by straightening just the teeth that are visible
    • Invisalign – virtually invisible, clear, comfortable, and removable alignment trays gradually shift teeth into the desired position without wires, brackets, or food restrictions
  • Porcelain veneers – a highly versatile treatment, veneers can correct a number of problems by changing the outer appearance of the teeth. Thin strips of porcelain are applied to the teeth, making them look straighter, more symmetrical in shape and length, flawless, and whiter

For more information about our complete array of dental services, contact Biltmore Dental Center today at (602) 704-0659.