Patients in Phoenix Ask, “Am I a Good Candidate for CEREC Crowns for Teeth?”

making of cerec crowns

Crowns for teeth are one of the oldest types of dental restoration, with the earliest evidence dating back to about 700 BC. Yet CEREC technology brings the procedure and results to a post-modern level. Advanced CAD/CAM dentistry is available in Dr. SJustin Frost’s care at Biltmore Dental Center in Phoenix. Is CEREC right for you? Keep reading to learn more.

CEREC Crowns for Teeth Are Made While You Wait in Phoenix

CEREC is an easy-to-remember acronym for “chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics.” To a dentist with the proper training and equipment, CEREC means a higher level of care for patients who need crowns. With this technique, Dr. Justin Frost uses 3-D imaging technology to design a crown that looks just like a natural tooth. Computer-guided precision ensures an ideal fit, and the monolithic zirconia material is incredibly strong and durable.

For patients, CEREC means an extremely esthetic restoration that is completed in one visit. There is no need to schedule time off work or school for a follow-up appointment, no “babying” a temporary restoration for several weeks, and you are numbed just once.

Ten Simple Questions to Determine if CEREC Crowns Are Right for You

Only through a comprehensive oral examination and consultation can Dr. Justin Frost determine if CEREC crowns are the best solution for your dental needs.

However, your answers to these questions help to make an educated choice:

  • Is your mouth healthy? – If you have periodontal disease, an abscessed tooth, a fungal infection, or other oral problem, it should be addressed before any type of crown restoration is placed. Don’t worry – Dr. Justin Frost is well-qualified to screen for, diagnose, and treat these conditions.
  • Are you a bruxer? – If you grind or clench your teeth during sleep, you are more likely to damage teeth and dental restorations. You can still have a CEREC crown, though. To protect your smile and investment, Dr. Justin Frost may recommend wearing a small oral appliance at night to cushion bite force.
  • Do you have damaged teeth? – A dental crown encircles the portion of the tooth above the gum line, leaving natural roots intact. A crown is a good choice when a piece of tooth breaks off, or there is a large area of decay.
  • Have you had root canal therapy? – Without blood supply, a root canaled tooth can become brittle and prone to fracture. Generally, a composite filling-type restoration does not provide adequate strength and protection, but a CEREC crown certainly does.
  • Do you have missing teeth? – A CEREC crown can be the finishing touch on a dental implant, or an integral part of a dental bridge, to replace missing teeth and complete the smile.
  • Do you want your smile to look better?Beautiful, lustrous CEREC crowns are ideal for improving the size and shape of teeth or masking stubborn discoloration.
  • Do you like the idea of a metal-free mouth? – An increasing number of health- and appearance-conscious patients are opting for non-metal restorations. A CEREC crown is made from a monolithic (solid) block of ceramic material, with no metal core.
  • Do you appreciate value? – With good home care and regular dental checkups, a CEREC crown can last many years. The strong material and design resist chips, fractures, breakage, and stains.
  • Are you busy? – Then you will love the convenience of this single-visit procedure.
  • Do you like to spend a lot of time on dental hygiene? – CEREC crowns are easy-care. Just give them the same attention as the rest of your teeth. Brush twice a day with non-abrasive toothpaste and a soft brush, floss before bedtime, and schedule twice-yearly professional cleanings at Biltmore Dental Center.

Ethical Dentistry

Dr. Justin Frost is enthusiastic about CEREC crowns. He enjoys the science and artistry of the process. However, his biggest joy is witnessing the difference the right restoration makes in the patient’s life. He sees it in their excitement and smiles. For that reason, you can count on Dr. Justin Frost to provide information and experienced guidance you need to make informed dental healthcare decisions. He will recommend a CEREC crown only if he genuinely believes it is the best treatment for your needs while explaining other options. That is part of the ethical standard practiced every day at Biltmore Dental Center.

New patients are welcome! Schedule a consultation to have your questions about CEREC crowns for teeth answered. The number in Phoenix is (602) 704-0659.