Patients in Glendale Want to Know if Six Month Braces Are Safe

A warm smile beckons to others. It says, “Come a bit closer. Get to know me. I’m kind and trustworthy; interesting and welcoming.” Yet thousands of adults in the Glendale area refrain from smiling, duck their heads, or hide behind a hand. Crooked teeth have left them with a lack of confidence in the attractiveness of their smiles. The idea of spending years in conspicuous braces is too much to bear. Are you one of them? Dr. Justin Frost offers a solution that can have you smiling straight and gorgeous by your next regular checkup.

The Secret of Six Month Braces

Many people have never heard of a special type of orthodontic treatment that takes only about six months. Others have the misconception that it works by applying excessive force to teeth. Dr. Justin Frost shares this information to demystify six month braces.

The technique is relatively new and totally innovative. It utilizes brackets and wires that blend beautifully with your smile. Others probably won’t even notice you are straightening unless they are in close proximity.

While Dr. Justin Frost customizes care for each patient, in most cases the treatment plan lasts about six months. In the time between regular dental visits, you could attain a straight smile. The success secret of six month braces is three-fold. First, this method focuses on anterior (front) teeth that readily show when you speak, smile, and laugh. Second, the system used by Dr. Justin Frost includes a unique type of tension wire that moves teeth with low force (not aggressive tightening) so it is gentle to teeth and roots. Third, Dr. Justin Frost has special training and plenty of experience in this technique, with a track record of great outcomes.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Six Month Braces?

Most male and female patients are good candidates for treatment providing they:

  • Do not have significant bite problems. Six month braces are primarily intended for cosmetic alignment.
  • Want to look good while they straighten, and want to look great in well under a year.
  • Want an orthodontic system that contributes to oral hygiene, with a lower overall cost than traditional methods.
  • Have good oral health.

Six month braces are ideal for misalignment situations such as:

  • Crowding or overlaps.
  • Gaps or uneven spacing.
  • Overbite (front teeth protrude too far over the lower arch) or underbite (lower teeth extend further than the upper arch).
  • Open bite, where front teeth do not come together when molars touch.
  • Crossbite, or misalignment of the arch.
  • Misplaced midline – the center points of the upper and lower arches don’t match.

Six month braces incorporate the latest orthodontic technologies into a straightening system that is ideal for many patients. Call Biltmore Dental Center at 602-704-0659 to find out if treatment is right for you.