Need Help With Sleep Apnea? Contact Biltmore Dental Center

Many patients in America have a condition that they are not even aware of! Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a sleeping disorder that affects millions of people and can often go undiagnosed for years. Patients in the Phoenix, AZ area who believe they may have sleep apnea can visit Biltmore Dental Center, we offer an effective, comfortable solution.

What Is OSA?

It is a condition that negatively impacts the ability for people to achieve the deep, restorative levels of sleep needed to function at their best each day. Obstructive sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder caused by a blockage in the airway. This may be from:

  • A misaligned jaw
  • Excess fat on the neck area
  • The tongue relaxing to the back of the throat

Most physicians will diagnose this condition with a sleep study. This is done at a clinic where patients spend the night and are monitored for their breathing habits. This is the best way to get a proper diagnosis. Once this has been achieved, most physicians encourage patients to use a CPAP machine. However, many patients do not comply with this treatment because the machine is uncomfortable and cumbersome.

Biltmore Dental Center suggests considering oral appliance therapy. This is the use of a special mouth guard that keeps the airways open. It is more comfortable, easy to travel with, and simple to clean.

Considering Oral Appliance Therapy?

You can eliminate the need for CPAP by working with a dental professional to obtain an oral appliance for obstructive sleep apnea. At Biltmore Dental Center, we encourage patients to learn about oral appliance therapy as an alternative as it can provide a more comfortable way to treat the condition. Call us at (602) 704-0659 to schedule a consultation appointment, and visit at 4202 N. 32nd Street, Suite B.