Locating an Emergency Dentist in Downtown Phoenix, AZ

You are a model dental patient. You eat a nutritious diet low in sugary drinks and snacks. You brush after eating and floss every night before you go to bed. You don’t use tobacco, chew your fingernails, or grind your teeth. You visit a dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning and examination, and you take care of oral problems when they occur. Guess what? You could still experience an emergency that has you scrambling to find a dentist in the downtown Phoenix, AZ area quickly. You’ll never find yourself in that situation if you partner with Dr. Frost at Biltmore Dental Center now – before an emergency occurs.

What Causes Dental Emergencies?

The short answer is that life causes dental emergencies. Your mouth is a miraculous natural organism. It is designed to grind food, form words and sounds, fashion facial expressions, and last a lifetime. However, it gets used continuously throughout the day and sometimes takes the brunt of a busy lifestyle. Most dental emergencies fall into one of two categories:

  • Sudden – A blow to the face on the basketball court, a fall down the steps, or an automobile accident can send you to the dentist NOW. Trauma may damage a tooth or knock it out, harm soft tissues, or dislodge dental restorations or orthodontics.
  • Insidious – Some dental problems start as changes so small and subtle that you barely notice them. Even the most conscientious dental patient can be surprised with a sudden, acute toothache or swelling inside the mouth or on the face. This is usually caused by a hidden area of decay or an old injury that gradually damages the nerve at the root of a tooth.

Biltmore Dental Center to the Rescue!

When dental emergencies happen, you are hurting and scared. Job one for Dr. Frost is to reassure you with soothing advice for immediate home care, get you out of pain quickly with over the counter or prescription medication if necessary, and see you right away for treatment. Biltmore Dental Center has late day and early morning hours several days a week. Dr. Frost also blocks time into his daily schedule to make every effort to see emergency patients promptly.

Call (602) 704-0659 today to become a Biltmore Dental Center patient now. You won’t be on your own when a dental emergency occurs.