Invisalign From Your Phoenix Dentist a Clear Option for Your Best Smile

The desire or a straight, beautiful smile is something that many adults experience. At the same time, these same adults may hesitate when the idea of orthodontic treatment enters their mind. Though a straight smile is a gorgeous smile, one covered in metal, even temporarily, is not what we envision as looking attractive or professional. There is a solution that works for a lot of adult patients: Invisalign.

Why Not Braces?

The braces that most people know of are those with brackets and wires. It is the wire that runs through brackets that shifts teeth from their poor positioning into the right spot. As the demand for aesthetics has grown, orthodontic treatment has evolved to include the use of tooth-colored wires and brackets. Though a bit more discreet, these appliances are still noticeable. Additionally, brackets of any material can still have sharp corners that irritate the cheeks or lips. Brackets and wires also stand in the way of brushing and flossing, as well as certain pleasurable foods.

In some cases, traditional braces are the best solution for the correction of severe bite issues. Often, though, Invisalign is the ideal alternative, achieving beautiful results without the discomfort and hassle of braces.

Invisalign Fits Into Your Busy Life

Where traditional orthodontic treatment requires you to wear brackets on teeth, Invisalign achieves results through the wear of aligner trays. These trays are made of clear, BPA-free plastic to fit comfortably but snugly, applying gentle pressure at all times. Aligners are so thin that they are usually not even noticed by others. The thinness of these trays also makes them comfortable for speaking, drinking, smiling, and more.

It is important to remove aligners before consuming beverages other than water, and any time food is consumed. It is also important to brush and floss teeth daily as recommended by your dentist so that food residue and bacteria do not accumulate inside of aligner trays.

To achieve your smile goals with Invisalign, you simply wear aligners every day as directed by your treatment plan. Maximum benefit is achieved by wearing aligners at all times except for meals and oral hygiene. Every two weeks, the current aligner is removed and replaced with the next set in the series. Because teeth are moved gradually with every change in aligner, there are fewer visits throughout the course of treatment. We schedule progress checks about every six weeks.