How One-Hour Teeth Whitening Erases Years From Phoenix Smiles

The population of the greater Phoenix area represents a wonderful mix of ethnic backgrounds, personalities, and talents. More than 27 percent of those residents are aged 50 and older. That’s about 1.5 million women and men whose smiles have seen a lot of miles – including great meals and beverages, natural wear, some tobacco, and perhaps a few nights without brushing or flossing. Those smiles radiate plenty of warmth. They don’t need stains to add character. Dr. Justin Frost and his esthetic team at Biltmore Dental Center have a fast solution for discoloration that is a natural characteristic of the passage of time – one-hour teeth whitening.

What Is the Secret to This Fast Method?

Dr. Justin Frost uses a prescription strength whitening agent. It is strong enough to loosen and lift stains that won’t budge for over-the-counter whitening products. Yet his gentle, controlled application method ensures the safety of your teeth and gums, in total comfort.

Soft tissues are protected while whitening gel is carefully applied to your teeth. It is chemically activated, so no harsh light (that could dehydrate enamel or cause sensitivity) is needed. You relax in the chair – doze, read, or watch television – while the whitener goes to work.

In about an hour, your teeth are dramatically brighter. Dr. Justin Frost helps you maintain that youthful brilliance indefinitely with take-home whitening trays. You simply fill the trays with gel and wear them for an hour or two periodically, to keep your smile touched-up.

When Does One-Hour Whitening Make Sense?

Busy adult patients of all ages enjoy the convenience of a dazzling smile in a single visit that takes about as long as a good haircut or manicure. One-hour whitening is a great option for the patient who doesn’t want to add to his or her daily grooming routine, or who isn’t likely to remember to use an at-home method regularly.

Fast whitening really comes to the rescue when you have to look terrific . . . right now! When you receive a party or wedding invitation, RSVP for your class reunion, schedule a job interview or an important presentation, or get a date with that someone special you’ll smile confidently.

The Phoenix area is full of ageless smiles, thanks to the magic of one-hour whitening. Call Dr. Justin Frost today at (602) 704-0659 to schedule your whitening appointment at Biltmore Dental Center.