Get a Total Smile Makeover From Your Phoenix Cosmetic Dentist

If there are several aspects of your smile that displease you, a total smile makeover may be the solution to your problems. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your teeth straight?
  • Do you have a dazzling white smile?
  • Are your teeth perfectly shaped without gaps between them?
  • Is your smile free of noticeable fillings or restorations?
  • Do you have the smile of your dreams?

If you answered no to one or more of these questions, you should consider scheduling a consultation with the premier Phoenix cosmetic dentist.

Dr. Frost at Biltmore Dental Center can create an entirely new smile for you. He completed advanced training in cosmetic dentistry while working with some of the world’s finest dentists. In addition, he has extensive experience treating patients with complicated needs, gained while working with the Veterans Administration in Cleveland, Ohio. With his technical expertise, knowledge, experience, and commitment to patient care, he will incorporate a variety of techniques to design a breathtaking smile for you.

If you have serious misalignment issues affecting your teeth and jaw, you may need braces. There are several options available:

  • Traditional orthodontics for the most severe cases,
  • Six Month Smiles (aka cosmetic braces) straightens only the teeth that you show when you smile, and
  • Invisalign, which is nearly undetectable because it uses clear aligners.

If the misalignment is minor, veneers can resolve the problem in just two visits. In addition, Veneers can cover crowded teeth, gaps, chips, misshapen teeth, and discolorations, giving you a straight, white, perfect smile.

If you have a damaged tooth that still has some healthy structure, a porcelain crown can restore and strengthen it. Biltmore Dental Center is one of the few practices in Arizona that can provide your crown in one visit!

If you have missing teeth, a bridge can fill the gap, however they are difficult to clean, and if something happens to one crown in a bridge, they all must be replaced. A superior option is a dental implant topped with a porcelain crown which will look and perform exactly like a perfect natural tooth.

With state of the art technology, an artistic eye, incredible knowledge, experience, and a great chairside manner, Dr. Frost can create perfection in both form and function. Call today and schedule a consultation to learn what combination of procedures can give you a captivating smile that can transform your life.